Connections API

This Connections API is deprecated and will cease to exist after January 1st, 2015. Please see the Schedules API

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The Connections API offers access to the Innovata published schedules database and connections between schedules. The web service features non-stop, direct, and one-stop connections, and allows convenient search methods.

NOTE: Only published, marketed flights will be returned; restricted flight segments and un-scheduled flights are not included.

Extended Options Supported
useInlinedReferences, useHttpErrors, includeRatings
request, appendix, error, Flights Response
Long Term Support (?)
Extended Fields (?)

Search vectors include:

  • Airline and Flight Number
  • Departure Airport
  • Arrival Airport
  • Route (Departure & Arrival)
  • Date(s)

The service returns relevant flights and connections matching your specified criteria:

  • FlightType : Non-Stop, Direct, and Connections
  • Service Type: Passenger and Cargo
  • Connection Type: Interline and Online
  • Codeshare Type: Operating and Marketing relationships
  • Carriers: Filtered list of carriers
  • Connection Points: Allowable and Excluded list of connecting points

The result set allows for inclusion of airport details and aircraft equipment classification.

Extended Options

In addition to the Extended Options (useHttpErrors and useInlinedReferences) common to many of the Flex APIs, the Connections API also supports:

Option Description
includeRatings Include Flight Ratings in the response.

Interactive Documentation

  1. Click on the name of the web service to expand the test client interface.
  2. Fill out each required parameter (click app id & key to pre-populate with your credentials)
  3. Send Request to see the actual JSON response. You will also be provided with a curl invocation including a pre-formatted REST URL. To see the XML response, replace the json in the URL with xml.
  4. Please be aware that large responses may take a long time to pretty-print in your browser.