Cirium brings together powerful data and analytics to keep the world in motion. Diio Mi, QSI, FlightStats, Fleets Analyzer, Values Analyzer, and Flex APIs are just some products in the Cirium portfolio. Cirium taps into a vast data lake and creates advanced analytics to solve the most complex travel problems and keep our world in motion. Visit to learn more.

Explore our new API documentation

Try out the new Cirium Developer Studio and explore API reference documentation for the FlightStats, Trips, and Laminar Data Hub platforms all in one place. The Developer Studio is designed to help people identify the best aviation data API for their solution and remove any questions about its implementation and format. In addition, the Developer Studio includes detailed how-to articles and in-depth documentation on several of the data sets.

We are currently working on integrating signup, login, and admin functionality on the Cirium Developer Studio. In the meantime, continue to use to manage your application keys and accounts for FlightStats and Trips APIs. Learn more

Status page

To view the status of Cirium systems and products we offer please visit our status page at: