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The Cirium Developer Center is your pathway to build travel applications the way you want to, using Cirium data and content.

You can use our Flex APIs for free for a 30-day trial period to evaluate them for your application.

Getting started is easy. Simply follow these three steps:

Register for your Free Evaluation Account!

Please note: Customers with accounts in the Legacy Cirium Developer Center will need to create new accounts. The APIs have been completely rewritten and include new pricing and billing. You will need to review and accept the new terms and conditions. If you have specific contractual questions, please Contact a Cirium Representative.

Working With Cirium

When you sign up for a new account, you'll automatically be assigned the Evaluation plan, which offers a limited number of API transactions free of charge. The Evaluation plan is intended for initial development using the APIs.

Before transitioning to a paid account, please read and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Once you're ready to buy, enter your credit card information in the Account section of the Developer Center, and choose a paid plan.

The Commercial plan is intended to meet the needs of most API users. It offers access to most of the Flex APIs with volume-based pricing (you pay for what you use).

Important Note: Converting from the Evaluation Plan to the Commercial Plan will immediately disable your free trial access to any Premium APIs which are only available via the Contract Plan. If you need access to any Premium APIs, please contact us early to allow sufficient time to review contract terms and pricing with our Sales team.

If the the above plan does not meet your needs, please contact your Cirium sales representative or complete our Contact a Cirium Representative form to discuss custom contract and monthly billing options.

Comparison of the Plans

Evaluation Commercial
Pricing Free Usage-based, see Pricing
Usage Limits Maximum 20,000 total (lifetime). Max for Alerts, Airport Status, Airport Track, Airport Schedules, FIDS, and Flights Near are 1000 each. No maximum. Rate limits may apply.

Online support available for both plans. APIs included are:

  • Flight Status and Track by Airport*, Flight, Route and Location*
  • Schedules
  • Alerts
  • Airlines API
  • Airports API
  • Delay Index
  • Weather

*Airport and Alerts are available by contract only.

Status page

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