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Try out the new Cirium Developer Studio and explore API reference documentation for the FlightStats (Flex), Trips, and Laminar Data Hub platforms all in one place. The Developer Studio is designed to help people identify the best aviation data API for their solution and remove any questions about its implementation and format. In addition, the Developer Studio includes detailed how-to articles and in-depth documentation on several of the data sets.

We are currently working on integrating signup, login, and admin functionality on the Cirium Developer Studio. In the meantime, continue to use developer.flightstats.com to manage your application keys and accounts for FlightStats (Flex) and Trips APIs. Learn more

Cirium offers two categories of services: Flight Data Services and Trip Data Services. Both are designed to provide real-time flight information for world-wide commercially scheduled flights. The main difference is with Trip Data Services we are combining flight data with trip data. Utilizing either one of these categories of services will give you the tools you need to deliver dependable solutions to your customers.

Product Overview: Flex APIs

Cirium aggregates data from many sources to provide the industry’s most complete global coverage of commercial airline flight information. With Flex APIs you slice and dice the data the way you want. The APIs are powerful, precise and concise. They are designed for ease of use with REST, supporting JSON, JSONP, XML formats as well as SOAP. Flex APIs can receive replies to their API requests in English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Arabic.

The Flex API Web Services provide a set of status and positional APIs by flight, airport, fleet, route or area. They also include schedules, airline reference, airport reference, ratings, delay index, and weather information. All Flex APIs are available to users with an active evaluation plan. If you don't have an account, complete an Evaluation Account Request. If you already have an account, simply log in to access tools and documentation.

Flex API Index

Explore the services directly or visit the industries section to see how Cirium APIs are being used by a variety of industries to help meet customers’ travel data needs.

You also might want to check the API quick reference for a consolidated list of the APIs and documentation.

Product Overview: Trip Data Services

Trip Data Services includes several services that provide a richer itinerary experience for a more comprehensive service. These services require that Cirium be able to access and store a traveler's itinerary.

The services are designed to keep the traveler informed for the entire trip when it matters most without over alerting them. Alerts can be generated and sent to travelers or agents and are based on flight segments and legs. They can be triggered on a variety of conditions and status changes that are customized to meet your needs.

Traveler Trip Alerts:
The Traveler Trip Alerts Service is a 'push' service that monitors a trip and delivers alerts for each flight and leg. It lets travelers know of other risks to a successful outcome including connection issues or cancelled down-line flights.

Agent Trip Alerts:
Agent Trip Alerts is a 'push' service that monitors a trip and delivers alerts for each flight and leg. Travel support members are informed of risks that negatively impact their travelers in order to proactively service their travelers in the event of a cancellation, diversion or connection issue.

Trip Status:
Trip Status is a 'request/response' service that returns a copy of the itinerary along with the status of each flight contained within it. Trip Status provides access to the latest itinerary and trip status for a specific trip.

Our Trip Data Services products let you deliver your product faster to market by removing the need to create and maintain business logic for when to send alerts and which alerts to send.

To learn more visit the Trip Data Services Documentation.

Product Overview: Travel Waiver Services

Traditionally, during times of widespread travel disruption such as labor strikes, natural disasters or extreme weather, managing the collection of global airline waivers, matching them to trips and proactively re-accommodating or refunding passenger tickets has been a labor intensive manual process. To address this problem, Cirium introduced Travel Waiver Services.

For more information and collateral on waivers, please see our waivers product page.