Travel Agencies

Cirium offers innovative services to increase agencies’ value proposition.

Communication with your travelers is key as an agency trying to offer timely customer service. Unfortunately it is easy to be out of the loop about day-of-travel information. This becomes increasingly important when trip disruptions occur with important clients. Cirium has developed a suite of agency-related services to help agents serve their clients better.

Cirium has tools to help travel agencies better support their customers by identifying when their travel connections will impact the overall itinerary.

Itinerary Monitoring & Messaging Services – A powerful, yet complex solution that offers relevant high-value information throughout the lifecycle of the travel experience such as letting a traveler know a segment of their travel is late or cancelled and how it will affect the rest of the itinerary. It also can allow you to send relevant information to facilitate re-accommodation.

Agent Advantage – is a hosted solution that enables users to monitor active itineraries relating to specific accounts, events, or time periods.

Customers interested in Itinerary Monitoring and Messaging APIs or Cirium pre-packaged trip disruption management platform, Agent Advantage, please use this form to connect with a Cirium representative.