FlightStats offers simple, volume-based pricing for our Standard Flex APIs. Most customers will start off with the free Evaluation plan and then upgrade to the Commercial plan for ongoing use.

In addition to our Standard APIs, FlightStats offers additional Premium APIs available within our Contract Plan. Please note that converting from the Evaluation Plan to the Commercial Plan will immediately disable your free trial access to any Premium APIs. To avoid possible disruption, we encourage you to contact us early to allow sufficient time to review Contract Plan terms and pricing with our sales team.

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Evaluation Plan

The Evaluation plan is a free plan intended for developers who are evaluating the Flex APIs and is available only for new accounts. This plan is available for 30 days. During that time you have a limited number of transactions available. (See the table below for specifics.) Customers are expected to upgrade to a paid plan before launching their product.

Developers are allowed to evaluate both Commercial and Premium APIs with the Evaluation plan.

Evaluation Plan Usage Limits:

Query Type Limit (per life of plan)
Total - all requests 20000
Alerts 500
Flight Status by Airport 1000
Flight Track by Airport 1000
Flights Near 1000
Schedules by Airport 1000
FIDS 1000

Commercial Plan

The Commercial Plan is based on the number of transactions used. There is no set monthly maximum on API calls with this plan.

Query Type Transaction Price
(fraction of $1.00)
Airlines (reference) 0.0030
Airports (reference) 0.0030
Delay Index (Airport Delays) 0.0040
Flight Status by Flight 0.0040
Flight Status by Route 0.0050
Flight Track by Flight 0.0010
Flights Near 0.0010
Schedules by Flight 0.0040
Schedules by Route 0.0050
Schedules by Airport 0.0050
Ratings 0.0030
Weather 0.0030

All prices are in $USD per query.

Note: Prices are current as of October, 2014. If you have questions about specific pricing models, please contact our sales team.

Contract Plan

FlightStats offers additional Premium APIs available within our Contract plan. To discuss your application needs and available contract terms, please contact our sales team.

  • Flight Status by Fleet
  • Flight Track by Fleet
  • Flight Status by Airport
  • Flight Track by Airport
  • Flight Alerts
  • FIDS (Flight Information Display System)

If your company requires a written contract, prohibits payment by credit card, or if you expect to consume high volumes of transactions, please contact your FlightStats sales representative or complete our Contact a FlightStats Representative form to discuss custom contract and monthly billing options.