FlightStats offers Standard and Premium APIs. Standard APIs can be purchased directly with a credit card whereas Premium APIs are only available with a contract. Both Standard and Premium APIs are available within our free 30-day Evaluation Plan.

You can upgrade your Evaluation Plan at any time to our Commercial Plan to gain continued access to our Standard APIs. However, the Premium APIs are not available within the Commercial Plan and will be disabled when you convert from Evaluation to Commercial. To avoid disruption, we encourage you to contact us early to allow sufficient time to review Contract Plan terms and pricing with our sales team.

In order to evaluate and purchase FlightStats APIs, you must read and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Evaluation Plan

The Evaluation plan is a free plan intended for developers who are evaluating FlightStats APIs and is available only for new accounts. This plan is for 30 days. During that time you have a limited number of transactions available. (See the table below for specifics.) Customers are expected to upgrade to a paid plan before launching their product.

Developers are allowed to evaluate both Standard and Premium APIs with the Evaluation plan.

Evaluation Plan Usage Limits:

Note: All APIs are available for evaluation. During the evaluation period, all transactions count against the total limit of 20,000. In addition, certain APIs have a specific upper limit shown in the table below.

The Historical Flight Status limit below is based on a count of flights returned in the request as opposed to by transaction.

Query Type Limit (during evaluation)
Total - all requests 20,000
Flight Status by Flight added to total
Flight Status by Airport 1,000
Flight Status by Route added to total
Historical Flight Status (based on flights returned) 100
Flight Track by Flight added to total
Flight Track by Airport 1,000
Flights Near 1,000
Scheduled Flights by Flight added to total
Scheduled Flights by Airport 1,000
Scheduled Flights by Route added to total
Connections 500
FIDS (Flight Information Display Systems) 1,000
Flight Segment Alerts 500
Delay Index added to total
Airline, Airport, Equipment, Ratings, Weather (reference services) added to total

Commercial Plan for Standard APIs

The Commercial Plan is based on the number of transactions used. There is no set monthly maximum on API calls with this plan.

Query Type Transaction Price
(fraction of $1.00)
Flight Status by Flight 0.0050
Flight Track by Flight 0.0010
Flights Near 0.0050
Scheduled Flights by Flight 0.0050
Airlines (reference) 0.0030
Airports (reference) 0.0030
Equipment (reference) 0.0030
Delay Index (Airport Delays) 0.0080
Ratings 0.0040
Weather 0.0040

All prices are in $USD per query.

Note: If you have questions about specific pricing models, please contact our sales team.

Contract Plan for Premium APIs

FlightStats offers Premium APIs within our Contract plan. To discuss your application needs and available contract terms, please contact our sales team.

  • Flight Status by Airport
  • Flight Status by Route
  • Historical Flight Status by Flight
  • Historical Flight Status by Airport
  • Historical Flight Status by Route
  • Scheduled Flights by Airport
  • Scheduled Flights by Route
  • Connections
  • Flight Track by Airport
  • Flight Segment Alerts
  • FIDS (Flight Information Display System)

If your company requires a written contract, prohibits payment by credit card, or if you expect to consume high volumes of transactions, please contact your FlightStats sales representative or complete our Contact a FlightStats Representative form to discuss custom contract and monthly billing options.

Historical Status Monthly Plan

This self-service plan provides access to the following APIs:

  • Historical Flight Status by Flight
  • Historical Flight Status by Airport
  • Historical Flight Status by Route

Regardless of which API you use, the cost is calculated on the number of Historical Flight Statuses returned. For example, if you request Historical Flight Statuses at London Heathrow on a given day, you may retrieve 300 Historical Statuses. However, if you use Historical Flight Status by Flight, you will only retrieve a single Historical Status.

This plan costs $100 per month for 1 to 1,000 Flight Statuses returned. For each additional Flight Status over 1,000, the charge is $0.10 per.

To add an Application to your account with this plan, log into the Developer Center, navigate to the Dashboard, and select "Create a new application". There are two Plans to choose from - "Commercial Plan - 3" or "Historical Status Monthly Plus Overage".

Note: You also will need to go to your Account and ensure that a valid Credit Card is on file before this new Application will be approved.

Here are some examples of how the cost is calculated:

Example 1: You sign up for this plan, but do not make any requests at all during the month. Result: No Charge. You can leave this application in place and not use it. You will not be charged unless you make at least one request.

Example 2: You sign up for this plan and make 1 or more requests resulting in less than 1,000 Historical Statuses returned. Result: $100

Example 3: You make multiple requests resulting in 3,567 Historical Flight Statuses returned. Result: $100 for the first 1,000 plus $256.70 overage for the additional 2,567 Historical Statuses returned. Total charge: $356.70.

Note that you can always check your usage in the Dashboard > Stats tool.