Flight Status by Route

Additional documentation for Flight Status is available on the new Cirium Developer Studio. The Developer Studio also includes in-depth articles on Cirium Flight Status and Codeshares & wet lease relationships.

We are currently integrating signup, login, and admin functionality on the Cirium Developer Studio. In the meantime, continue to use developer.flightstats.com to manage your application keys and accounts. Learn more

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Flight Status gives you access to current flight information, including scheduled, estimated and actual departure/arrival times, equipment type, delay calculations, terminal, gate and baggage carousel.

Queries by Route return Flight Status information for flights based on route (departure airport, arrival airport) and date.

request, appendix, error, list of flightStatus
Long Term Support (?)
SOAP (deprecated): WSDL | XSD
Extended Fields (?)
SOAP (deprecated): WSDL+XSD

Interactive Documentation

  1. Click on the name of the web service to expand the test client interface.
  2. Fill out each required parameter (click app id & key to pre-populate with your credentials)
  3. Send Request to see the actual JSON response. You will also be provided with a curl invocation including a pre-formatted REST URL. To see the XML response, replace the json in the URL with xml.
  4. Please be aware that large responses may take a long time to pretty-print in your browser.