Flight Position Response Element

Flight Position elements are returned in responses for the following request type:

Flight Position
Element Cardinality Description
<flightPosition> 0..n Holder element for identification and reported positions for a single airframe.
<flightId>264915620</flightId> 0..1 The unique identifier for the flight (String). If available, this can be used to retrieve detailed status or complete position tracks of the flight.
<callsign>QXE543</callsign> 0..1 The callsign of the flight (String).
<tailNumber>917F</tailNumber> 0..1 The tail number of the equipment for the flight (String).
<heading>133.39037483310972</heading> 0..1 The current heading of the plane in decimal degrees from magnetic north (Double). This is only available if there is more than one position in the track.
<source>ASDI</source> 1..1 The source of the reported positions.
<positions> 1..1 The recent track of positions reported for the flight.
<position> 1..n A recent position reported for the flight.
<lon>-122.27999877929688</lon> 1..1 The reported longitude of the position in decimal degrees (Double).
<lat>47.66999816894531</lat> 1..1 The reported latitude of the position in decimal degrees (Double).
<speedMph>237</speedMph> 0..1 The reported speed of the aircraft at the time of the reading in whole miles per hour (Integer).
<altitudeFt>4000</altitudeFt> 0..1 The reported altitude of the aircraft in whole feet above ground (Integer).
<date>2012-06-05T22:10:00.000Z</date> 1..1 The UTC date and time in ISO-8601 format (yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSSZ).
<course>15</course> 0..1 NEW The direction of travel in degrees relative to geographic north, clockwise (Integer). The range for this data field is -179 to 180.
<vrateMps>6</vrateMps> 0..1 NEW The velocity of ascent or descent (if negative) in meters per second (Integer).
<phase>cruising</phase> 0..1 NEW Description used to indicate the most likely activity of the plane at a given time. Phases include: taxiing, takeoff, landed, landing, climbing, descending, level, cruising, approach, ground, departure.
Not all positions will include a phase.
<stationID>KDEN</stationID> 0..1 NEW The station identifier used by the FAA for ASDI data. Examples: KZLA, KZAB, KZDV.
The ASDI stream consists of a collection of observations from different regional and national tracking systems. Each of these has a separate stationId. A single aircraft may be observed by multiple stations at once, each of which may report a slightly different position due to the inherent inaccuracy of radar. Because of this, trackers showing ASDI streams should either show all signals separately, maintain an affinity between a callsign and single stationId as long as possible, or integrate the different signals.
Example XML Output
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?> <flightPositions> <flightPosition> <callsign>ELJ998</callsign> <heading>89.99259906113006</heading> <source>ASDI</source> <positions> <position> <lon>-122.1500015258789</lon> <lat>47.75</lat> <speedMph>193</speedMph> <altitudeFt>3000</altitudeFt> <date>2012-06-06T23:15:30.000Z</date> </position> <position> <lon>-122.16999816894531</lon> <lat>47.75</lat> <speedMph>192</speedMph> <altitudeFt>3000</altitudeFt> <date>2012-06-06T23:15:44.000Z</date> </position> <position> <lon>-122.25</lon> <lat>47.75</lat> <speedMph>218</speedMph> <altitudeFt>2400</altitudeFt> <date>2012-06-06T23:16:30.000Z</date> </position> </positions> </flightPosition> <flightPosition> <flightId>265261929</flightId> <callsign>EJA867</callsign> <heading>172.1622506067259</heading> <source>ASDI</source> <positions> <position> <lon>-122.19999694824219</lon> <lat>46.52000045776367</lat> <speedMph>380</speedMph> <altitudeFt>18000</altitudeFt> <date>2012-06-06T23:10:00.000Z</date> </position> <position> <lon>-122.22000122070312</lon> <lat>46.619998931884766</lat> <speedMph>382</speedMph> <altitudeFt>18000</altitudeFt> <date>2012-06-06T23:11:02.000Z</date> </position> <position> <lon>-122.22000122070312</lon> <lat>46.75</lat> <speedMph>380</speedMph> <altitudeFt>18000</altitudeFt> <date>2012-06-06T23:12:03.000Z</date> </position> <position> <lon>-122.22000122070312</lon> <lat>46.849998474121094</lat> <speedMph>378</speedMph> <altitudeFt>18000</altitudeFt> <date>2012-06-06T23:13:04.000Z</date> </position> <position> <lon>-122.22000122070312</lon> <lat>46.95000076293945</lat> <speedMph>379</speedMph> <altitudeFt>18000</altitudeFt> <date>2012-06-06T23:14:06.000Z</date> </position> </positions> </flightPosition> </flightPositions>
Example JSON Output (whitespace added for clarity)
{"flightPosition":[ { "callsign":"ELJ998", "heading":"89.99259906113006", "source":"ASDI", "positions":{ "position":[ { "lon":"-122.1500015258789", "lat":"47.75", "speedMph":"193", "altitudeFt":"3000", "date":"2012-06-06T23:15:30.000Z" }, { "lon":"-122.16999816894531", "lat":"47.75", "speedMph":"192", "altitudeFt":"3000", "date":"2012-06-06T23:15:44.000Z" }, { "lon":"-122.25", "lat":"47.75", "speedMph":"218", "altitudeFt":"2400", "date":"2012-06-06T23:16:30.000Z" } ] } }, { "flightId":"265261929", "callsign":"EJA867", "heading":"172.1622506067259", "source":"ASDI", "positions":{ "position":[ { "lon":"-122.19999694824219", "lat":"46.52000045776367", "speedMph":"380", "altitudeFt":"18000", "date":"2012-06-06T23:10:00.000Z" }, { "lon":"-122.22000122070312", "lat":"46.619998931884766", "speedMph":"382", "altitudeFt":"18000", "date":"2012-06-06T23:11:02.000Z" }, { "lon":"-122.22000122070312", "lat":"46.75", "speedMph":"380", "altitudeFt":"18000", "date":"2012-06-06T23:12:03.000Z" }, { "lon":"-122.22000122070312", "lat":"46.849998474121094", "speedMph":"378", "altitudeFt":"18000", "date":"2012-06-06T23:13:04.000Z" }, { "lon":"-122.22000122070312", "lat":"46.95000076293945", "speedMph":"379", "altitudeFt":"18000", "date":"2012-06-06T23:14:06.000Z" } ] } } ]}
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