Airlines want to provide great services and useful information to customers, staff and airports. In today’s diffuse marketplace, airlines are no longer the only channel of distribution for airline-related information.

FlightStats is the world’s single largest aggregator of flight information, powering the leading mobile clients, search engines and corporate travel agencies. By partnering with FlightStats, airlines can gain greater control of their information distribution strategy – and access a variety of additional solutions and intelligence to provide better service and information to their passengers.

FlightStats can help airlines with:

  • Flight alert solutions
  • FIDS/FIMS solutions
  • Historical reporting via FlightStats Analytics
  • Feeds of proprietary FlightStats data
  • Syndicated content to enhance airline web sites
  • Advertising on that drives traffic back to the airlines

Visit the FlightStats Flex API Product Overview to see the APIs that can be used to power FIDS/FIMS Systems, Websites, or Mobile applications for arrival and departure information as well as tracker maps.

Customers interested Analytics, Alerts, Feeds, Syndicated Content, or Advertising, please use this form to connect with a FlightStats representative.