Travel Waiver Services

Traditionally, during times of widespread travel disruption such as labor strikes, natural disasters or extreme weather, managing the collection of global airline waivers, matching them to trips and proactively re-accommodating or refunding passenger tickets has been a labor intensive manual process. To address this problem, Cirium introduced Travel Waiver Services.

Airline waivers typically waive the fare rules on qualifying tickets issued so no change fees, additional collections, or penalties for refunds are charged in times of major disruption.

Travel Waiver Services:

  • Aggregates globally, airline issued waivers
  • Consolidates and standardizes waiver content within our platform
  • Matches each waiver to qualifying PNRs/trips for subscribing airlines, corporations, online travel agencies and corporate travel management companies. Based upon subscriber configuration, agents receive alerts for proactive re-accommodation. Alerts are sent, optionally, to travelers, giving them insight to make better choices about their travel options.

Agents can access waiver information with matching PNRs/trips in the subscriber user interface, Trip Center, or choose to integrate the waiver data into agent desktops or PNR/trip remarks (via delivery of waivers content to their own API endpoint).

Travel Waivers Services can help with the following:

  • Save traveler change fees, additional fare collection and unused tickets
  • Enables proactive agent re-accommodation of travelers, versus relying on the airline for changes
  • Reduces online travel agency and corporate travel management company agent call center hold time and outbound calls to airlines
  • Reduces inbound call volume to airline call centers
  • Delivers better maintenance of supplier service level agreements
  • Saves traveler time and reduces traveler stress

Travel Waiver Alerts

Agent waiver update alerts (standard) – notification via email or API includes details of newly issued airline waivers.

Agent waiver match alerts – notification via email or API includes details of newly issued airline waiver with a matching PNR (passenger name record/reservation) included (one PNR for each alert, possibly sending multiple messages).

Traveler waiver match alerts – notification via email or API to the traveler includes details of a new airline waiver being issued in conjunction with their trip, which includes trip details.